Value-Based Healthcare

Self-Insured Employers

If your organization’s health care costs are rising, are you receiving any corresponding increase in health care service & quality? What if an opportunity existed to improve access to excellent health care providers while reducing annual expenditures by 10% – 20% or more on key cost drivers?

How do you move toward better value? The first step lies in the ability to ask the right questions and to access the right data to facilitate an objective analysis of your complete claims and payment experience over a period of time (at the CPT/HCPCS/ICD level).

As an overview, review our Employer’s Journey Map to visually observe the key steps in this first phase!

This is just the first step in an employer’s value based journey, but a critical first step that most self-insured employers are missing!

Armed with an accurate and complete data map, a self-insured employer will be better positioned to focus benefit plan designs around the most impactful areas that yield sustainable benefits for the organization and its employees.

Ready to begin positioning your self-insured health plan for the future? Contact Us today!

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